Hunters’ Association Club No. 23 „ OMYK ” in Turostówko was registered with 1955 leasing in forest districts Łopuchówko and Czerniejewo two circumferences in surroundings of the Forest Zielonka. At present they are these are circumferences No. 159 and 182 which we are leasing to this day.

Leased circumferences: 159 about the area of 5342 ha, 182 about the area of 3200 ha, both about character typically field. On the area of these circumferences hunters with the help of young people converted into forest close 50 ha. On these circumferences every year we are also organising foreign exchange hunts of goats. Guests each time leave very much content. In these circumferences we are hunting roe deer, deer, fallow deer, wild boars, foxes pheasants and ducks.

We are cooperating with the professional hunting agency. Do not hesitate to contact us!

To organising the hunt we ask for contact: 

Hunting lodge

Thanks to the accumulated funds, in the years 2012-2013 the hunting lodge was renovated, which further emphasized its hunting character.

Sala kominkowa

Fireplace room

The hunting lodge and its surroundings are our real pride.

Sala kominkowa



The wheel has a warehouse where food and hunting equipment are stored.